My mission


Do you wish you would just know intuitively how to obtain nice SEM images, perfect element maps or phase images? Have you ever been sitting in front of your electron microscope and thought: 'Oh no, I wasted so much time finding out what analytical conditions work best for this sample.'? Or could it be that you are uncertain about your EDS or WDS analysis results - for example, whether a specific element is actually present or not? Are you sure, that you can give these data to your colleagues or clients with a good conscience?


Unfortunately, EDS has a bad reputation for not being as reliable as WDS, but with silicon drift detectors being on the market for 20 years, this has changed dramatically and it is now solely dependent on the operators performance! The SEMs and EDS/WDS systems that are on the market today, offer a wide variety of options and possibilities, more than ever before. 


I want you to use your systems to their full potential! I am offering a flexible, manufacturer-independent SEM+EDS/WDS training - via phone, skype or on-site in your laboratory. You can also contact me, if you want someone to double-check your data (for example, if you are in the middle of preparing a publication).



I want you to only produce good data! 





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