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On this page, you can find links to the largest manufacturers (in alphabetical order), companies that sell lab supplies and standards as well as links to societies, free software and interesting literature. I will keep expanding this list - feel free to contact me, if you think something important is missing or if a link doesn't work.




Microprobe manufacturer


SEM/TEM manufacturer


EDS/WDS manufacturer

Cameca/Ametek   FEI/Thermo Fischer Scientific (REM, FIB-REM, TEM)   Bruker Nano
Jeol   Hitachi (REM, FIB-REM, Table-Top REM, TEM)   EDAX/Ametek 
    Jeol (REM, FIB-REM, TEM)   Jeol
Microprobe software   Phenom-World (Table-Top REM)   Oxford Instruments 
Probe for EPMA   Tescan (REM, FIB-REM)   Thermo Fischer Scientific
    Zeiss (REM, FIB-REM, korrelative LM+EM)    









Lab supplies   Sample preparation equipment   Standards

Agar Scientific/Ted Pella/Plano

  Buehler   Astimex
EMS/Science Services   Struers   MAC


EMS - European Microscopy Society

EMAS - European Microbeam Analysis Society

MSA - Microscopy Society of America

MAS - Microbeam Analysis Society



Free software:

Casino - Monte Carlo simulations

DTSA-II (NIST) - Monte Carlo simulations, spectrum simulation, standardbased analyses, ...

Image J - image processing and image analysis



Free literature:

Microscopy and Analysis Magazine 



Other useful links:

Testmaterial EDS-TM002 (Federal Institute of Materials Research and Testing, Germany / BAM)

With this test material and provided software, you can test if your EDS detector operates properly.


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